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Brighten someone's day, let them know they're appreciated!

How Does the Kudos Program Work?

Anyone, yes, anyone within the FHSN network e.g., children, youth, resource parents, BRAAF parents, BRAAF youth, and staff in all programs at all levels can Kudo anyone in the NETWORK! Parents are expressly encouraged to find opportunities to Kudo their children and youth.


Simply click the Kudos button at the top of this page.  Select the type of Kudos (Parent, Youth, or Staff), the program (Resource Family or BRAAF).  Provide the full name of the person you want to send a Kudo, then write your Kudo comment and sign your name.  Simple!


Who Wins – Everyone!

Everyone who participates in the Kudos program is a winner!  Children, youth, parents, and staff who receive Kudos will be encouraged.  Even the person who wrote the Kudos is a winner, as experts say celebrating the relationships in our lives—the friendships, the parenting relationships, even the coworker-ships—by being more thoughtful and kind can have some serious benefits for us, all!

  • It makes us healthier

  • It helps us avoid stress

  • It boosts our worldview

  • It helps us deal with difficult people, and

  • It reminds us to be kind to ourselves.


Once a month FHSN pulls ten (10) Kudos entries (Six (6) youth, two (2) parents, and two (2) staff). The Kudo winners receive incentives. The incentives vary (i.e., gift card, flowers, toy, gift, etc.) depending on the age, gender, and budget.  


There will be a Kudos Grand Prize Winner to the team member who extended the most Kudos within a six-month period. So, keep track of the Kudos you give and not the ones you receive.


Kudo a team member today!

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