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Building Resilience in African American Families Program

Girl's Africentric Youth & Families Rites of Passage

Parent & Daughter Week

Affirmation: We are, Resilient!

Parents Please Read Carefully

Yay! This is "Parent & Daughter" week!  The pandemic quarantine presents an optimal opportunity for parents to engage with their daughter(s) by completing this weeks' on-line assignments TOGETHER.  We are asking our parents to arrange for a time (before Friday, April 17th, 5:00 PM) when they will sit with their daughters and work together to complete all of this weeks' assignments. We are hoping that by working together, parents will gain a greater understanding of program expectations, teach and model behavior and attitude, and ENCOURAGE our girls to stay the course until we can resume programming.  We really miss them!




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Their are a total of five (5) assignments ("Opportunities") to be completed this week.  Each assignment has meaning and aligns with the program philosophy. They are also opportunities for the parent and daughter to engage and relate on different levels. For each assignment, an associated form must be submitted. The forms are automatically emailed to the BRAAF director, which serves as evidence of completion.


We want to make this week's assignments fun and encouraging, therefore we are offering a $150 grocery gift card to the first family (Parent & Daughter) who completes ALL of the assignments before Friday, April 17th, 5:00 PM.  A second place grocery gift card in the amount of $100 for the second family (Parent & Daughter) who completes ALL of the assignments before Friday, April 17th, 5:00 PM.  All of the assignments must be completed (according to the rules) .  There are no exceptions, so make sure you read the assignments carefully.  If you do not understand the assignments, please do not hesitate to contact the program director, Tanaya Hall for clarity.  Good luck!. 

Opportunity #1 - Unity Circle

This week presents an opportunity for our parents to participate in a somewhat virtual Unity Circle with their daughter.  By participating you will learn the processes/rituals and expectations we have of our queens. Ask your queens to explain the "what and why" she is responding to the unity circle questions.  Please encourage critical thinking by asking your daughter to elaborate on her answers.  Have her explain and involve you in the process.

Queen Check In & Unity Circle: Mon-Wed-Fri 4:30 PM

Traditions are important. Our Unity Circle is where we check in with each other, pour libations in honor of our ancestors, and identify our highs and lows for the day. In our closing circle, we recite our principles, Queen's creed and express our gratefulness. Frequently the Queen's express gratefulness for their family, sisters, mama's, and guest. We want to continue our traditions by logging in at 4:30 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Click on your image, and let's do a virtual unity circle by answering questions and submitting your answers.


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Queen's Creed

We will stand bound together, in common loyalty that will transcend any personal selfishness.  As Iron sharpens Iron, so shall we as sisters sharpen one another. We will use our principles for daily living and conduct ourselves like young queens at all times. With great expectation of each other we will live to the highest standard and be accountable for our actions and the actions of our sisters. We will refer to our sisters as our sisters. Never forgetting the foundation our ancestors have laid before us.  We will always strive for greatness. Through our conduct we will stand on what is right and faithfully safeguard the reputation of this SISTERHOOD at all times.

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Happy Birthday

Opportunity #2 - Gratefulness


First, we would like to inspire you by watching the video “Thank You” with your daughter. Next, take a moment to look into each others eyes and express gratitude for each other.  Your child is a blessing and you are a blessing to your child.

Last week our girls were offered an opportunity to send a candygram to a sister along with a note of encouragement.  The beautiful candygrams were created by Mama Tanaya and Sister Jamiah and then hand-delivered to the girls at their home.  Sure, the girls were grateful to receive the candygrams and we pray that it lifted their spirits; however, this assignment offers the opportunity to say thank you formally.  Please note: Every girl did not receive a candygram from their sister but did receive something from BRAAF. Please sit with your daughter(s) and walk her through how to write a “Thank You” note.  She can say thank you to the sister(s) who thought of them and sent her a candygram or to the awesome people who purchased, created/designed and delivered the candygrams.  The goal of this assignment is to model and teach gratefulness and proper etiquette. We will make sure that the notes are delivered.

Candygram Highlights

Please Watch the Entire Video

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Opportunity #3- Ancestor for the Week

Assignment #3 presents a great opportunity for sharing. This week’s Ancestor assignment will focus on an ancestor in your family that your daughter may or may not know. 

Parents are asked to spend time storytelling or introducing your daughter to an ancestor in your family.  Parents are encouraged to use pictures, letters, home videos, obituaries, family artifacts or other family members to talk to their daughter about a family ancestor.  Parents will discuss the principles the ancestor represented to him/her and how the ancestor contributed to his/her development or the development and progress of others.  When completing the ancestor form, please specify the ancestor's name and relationship to the parent. Offer facts about the ancestor in such a way that we too will come to know your ancestor.



Opportunity #4 - Daily Chores

The goal of this assignment is to encourage our girls to continue their daily chores/responsibilities as if they were in program.  It also presents an opportunity for our parents to participate in completing the selected chore with their daughters to ensure that they are doing the chore/responsibility correctly and to the parent's expectation, this includes homework.  Parents, please select a daily chore/responsibility you would like your daughter to complete.  Complete the chore/responsibility with your daughter, then complete the appropriate report below.


Pick one or two chores daily. You must complete the chore as needed.  For instance, if you have dishes to do, you must make sure dishes are washed, dried, put away (dishes include plates, cups, silverware and pots and pans. Counters should be wiped down, food put away and floors swept and mopped just as we expect at the BRANCH House on program days.


Find a recipe that you can plan and prepare for you and your family, (it may be a main dish, side dish, or dessert). If needed choose one that you can utilize items on hand unless you are able to shop.  We are encouraging you to include family members in your preparation time, asking them to assist in cutting, measuring, and preparing.  Lastly, enjoy the meal together. Use your table setting skills as well as family style eating and managing appropriate etiquette and conversation.

Quality Assurance

This job will be used for self-check and rate yourself on the quality of your own performance in all areas. How well are you doing without being watched and guided daily? What are areas you feel you can still improve in? What areas are you highly successful ? Is someone having to step in and assist you? Are you being assisted? How is it without assistance from your sisters.


We all get a little behind sometimes and while we have time to get ahead, we ask that you plan some study time. You all have access to your assignments. Spend time practicing math problems, read at least 20 minutes a day and write about what you read. Journal daily about your feelings, emotions, or whatever comes to mind.

Parent Bonus The bonus is a secret

A commitment obligates you to do something that you agreed to do.  If your daughter's name appears in the list below, that means she was asked, given an opportunity to think about it, and then she agreed to do a weekly video.  It is important that we work together to help our queens understand commitment and how commitment plays out in their development. Remember, "Your Word is Your Bond". Learning commitment helps our girls become reliable. Please help your daughter to create a short 30 second video on the topic she has been assigned.  Feel free to participate in the video if you like. Remember, the goal of this assignment is to model, teach and encourage your daughter to keep her commitments. 

Please record the video in "LANDSCAPE" mode for a maximum of 30 seconds.  Your file cannot exceed 100 mb. Click the "UPLOAD" button below to upload your video.

Abrihet   - Scripture of the Week

Wagaye  - Cover Song of the Week & Meaning

Zena       - Exercise 30 second video

Amachi   - Riddle of the week

Tifunzo   - Ancestor of the week

Zola        - Coronavirus Update

% Bella


Opportunity #5 - Reading Assignment



BRAAF understands that we serve multi-racial girls, and we are considerate and respectful of this fact in everything we do. We encourage our girls to learn about and honor every part of their histories and cultures.


We realize that the book "Colored Girl Beautiful" was originally published many, many years ago and contains some obsolete racial views for today's society. The goal is that no parent or child is offended by the content of this chapter, but instead will explore content that conflicts with personal views and beliefs. In this regard, it provides an opportunity for parents to have some potentially difficult conversations with your daughter. In these instances, we encourage the parent and daughter to explore with each other, their views and beliefs on the content of conflict.

We want the parent to focus on the essence of the material in this chapter that will lead you to answer the questions for this assignment with your daughter.  

Please read the chapter "The Colored Mother Beautiful" with your daughter(s).  Next, review the questions below.  Click on the button to answer the questions and complete the assignment. 

The Colored Mother Beautiful -Pages 75-90

On page 79, paragraph 7, Azalia says, "How can the child be expected to love reading if the mother does not read to it. We are asking that you take this week to read with your queen and discuss and answer the following questions. Remember to submit as we are excited to see the influence this assignment has on your future queen's ability to read, comprehend, and respond as well as learn life applications.


1. This chapter is filled with many excerpts/passages that may or may not be relatable. Please take the time to choose at least five passages that you feel may be a topic to speak to your queen about and write them in order of importance and influence.


a. Take the passage that relates to you personally and discuss with your daughter sharing how it may relate to you growing up or how it relates to you now. Be sure to share with her if you agree or disagree, if you would do something different if you had known, or what your opinion is for her to add this life application into her daily life.


b. Now take a passage that disagree with and share why. Be sure to include opinions of both mother and daughter and then think of a way to balance your views.


2. On page 80, paragraph 2, Azalia says, "How many nights are wasted that might be spent in giving colored children ideals of home life and right habits in reading and home study? How might this be applied to this quarantine phase when your family is home more. What can you add or what might you change in the study and reading habits of your daughter?


3. On Page 78 paragraph 5, it reads, "Altho inheritance…….., Please take time to share how you might share this with your daughter. Briefly explain her response.


4. On page 89, paragraph 4, Azalia talks about the day your child may leave your home and how you may feel. If today was that day, explain truthfully if you would be able to step into the background willingly knowing that you as a mother have been one of her greatest teachers and strengtheners, and she is prepared to walk life's journey alone. If not, is there a point where you feel you could be more honest with yourself, your daughter and give her the real you, and offer some great advice? Share.


5. The Colored mother beautiful chapter has so much insight and great information to provide your daughter?


a. Do you agree or disagree?


b. Will you be willing to read the whole book with your daughter?


c. Do you feel this is a great conversation starter as well as ways to open-up ordinarily difficult life situation conversations with your daughter?


Extra Opportunity: 

Moms: Please write a letter to your daughter explaining your views about this chapter and advise about the information you received from the content.


Queens: Please write a letter to your mother explaining your views about this chapter, include some advice Azalia gives, and offer ways you might use this information and apply them with your principles and guidance from your mother.

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